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Foundation, Wagon Wheel, Fountain Prophecy

By Dave Bodine


On February 4, 1997 I delivered the following word at the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International - Downtown Meeting:

 "There is an old foundation in Portland, Oregon I laid in previous generations. The foundation and walls are broken down and covered with debris. I am calling forth a people today to remove the debris and dig down to the foundation and begin to prepare the footings. I am calling forth a people who are willing to repair the walls. They will do it with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other hand. As in Nehemiah's day, there will be those who will come to discourage and attempt to stop the rebuilding of the walls. Some will become discouraged and leave. Others will stay and become more determined to finish the work. The work will be hard and those who choose to leave you will bless and release to leave for this will be a time of separating.

When the walls are finished I will come and do a quick work. This will not be a work of man's hand but of your God. You will not be able to comprehend nor understand fully what I am doing nor the magnitude of which I do it. I am calling you to cooperate with what I am doing. Prepare yourselves for what I am about to do. Begin to clear away the debris from the foundation and repair the footings. Begin to repair the walls. For I am coming and will do a quick work."

While I was giving this word I saw a map of the Portland Region from Longview, Washington and beyond Portland stretching south. I saw a wooden wagon wheel laid over the map with the hub centered over Portland. The wooden spokes extended out in each direction with the northern portion of the wheel reaching to Longview. I could not see the southern end of the wheel.

I did not understand the vision at the time. On February 9, 1997 I talked with a Pastor friend from Vancouver, WA. He told me of a group of intercessors meeting in Portland that pray for the region from Salem, Oregon to Longview, Washington. The diverse group comes from every walk of life and various movements, fellowships, and denominations. As this Pastor described the intercession to me I saw the map and wagon wheel again. I felt the Lord say to get a map and draw a circle starting at Salem using Portland as the center point. On February 12, 1997 I located a regional map and drew the circle using a compass. The circle extended exactly from Salem to Longview. When I saw the circle drawn on the map I knew it was the wagon wheel I saw in the vision.

I located a map of the City of Portland and asked the Lord where the wagon wheel was centered. As I inspected the map I noticed one area that looked like wagon wheel spokes. I felt the Lord say that this location was the center where the hub was located. That intersection is where I-84 meets Sandy Blvd. and NE Halsey St. The neighborhood is commonly known as the Hollywood District.

On February 15, 1997 I planned to participate in a Prayer Walk in Portland, Oregon starting at 10 A.M. Early that morning I had a vision. In the vision I saw a water fountain located somewhere in Portland. The fountain was circular with stair step shape. Each level had several water spouts with a trickle of water coming out of the spout. The center spout shot straight up but had only a small amount of water shooting up. I asked the Lord what this meant. He showed me a well spring below the water fountain supplying the water. I asked him why the water pressure was so weak. He then explained that the well was cluttered with debris and no one has kept the well clear so the water pressure could flow at the rate for which he had designed it. As he was showing me the obstructed well and taking me down deeper, the water pressure began to increase. The spouts on the side increased their flow. The center spout shot water high into the air. As He took me even deeper the water pressure increase until the center spout shot water into the clouds. As this was happening I became aware that the clouds were coming down. I could no longer see the top of the water shooting out of the spout. I then saw a mist or fog settling down from the clouds over the fountain.

I asked the Lord what the well represented and he said the deep things of God. I asked him what the clouds represented. He said the heavenlies. I asked him what the mist/fog was and he said "My Presence". I asked him what the spouts represented and he said his churches in the Portland Region. He then said he is calling the church to clear debris from the well and allow the things of God to flow through the churches. If we will obey him and not control or obstruct the flow, it will reach the heavenlies and His Manifest Presence will come down upon us.


Dave Bodine
Kelso, Washington, USA