That is the word Jesus used when he announced the beginning of his ministry.   He said, "The kairos has come (the time has come), the kingdom of God has arrived!"


Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise,
making the most of your KAIROS, because the days are evil. So then
do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is
. Eph 5:15-17 NAS

Some things you do because you want to. Some things you do because of the needs of others in your family.

Joseph ~ Mary ~ Jesus

Next Kairos Gathering:

Date:  (to be announced)
Location: Castle Rock, WA [map]
525 3rd Avenue SW
Castle Rock, WA 98611

(at the Castle Rock Full Gospel Church)

Previous Gatherings

1-21-06 Jael gathering
2-18-06 Nate & Joanne Krupp
3-18-06 Strategy for the battle
4-15-06 Drumspeaker
5-20-06 Intimate Worship
9-23-06 Elijah's Request
10-14-06 Darrell Dahlman
11-18-06 Key of David
12-9-06 Healing in His Wings

Local Restaurants


 (MP3) Heidi Baker

(PDF) A Dream of Restoration

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